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*The phone is knocked to the ground as a angry voice is heard*

W-why can't I see anything?! I know my mys are opened, but nothing appears.

Is this the town punishing me for being the the lookout for last nights attack? I should call this irony, but I am still quite angry. How am I supposed to do anything while blind?
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I knew going into that town was a trap. Seems that the street is gone, and many people are trapped there. No one I care about myself, but just thought some of you would like to know why your friends aren't back yet.

I wonder what's happening to them right now? Maybe they are being tortured? Perhaps they are killing each other? Oh, I wish I could see it. I hope they put in on TV.

*Suigintou starts laughing her creepy laugh*
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Finally, I got one of my strongest attacks back! Hahaha!

*Suigintou flies out to the first person she sees And lands in front of them.*

To bad for you, but you have been chosen to die by me regain powers. Fell free to tell people of this after you get revived.

*Suigintou's Wings grow huge and the tips turn into dragon heads. They roar... then turn to each other.*

Oi! What happened? Last thing I remember was watching the tele...

Yeah, and there was a penguin on it that exploded.

*Suigintou looks up dumbfoundly at them.*

... What the hell is this?

*The dragons look down at her.

Did that little crumpet just curse?

Little girls shouldn't curse. We should wash out your mouth!

*If you couldn't already tell, the dragon's are speaking like the old ladies in monty python.*
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Ever since Evangeline left things have gotten a little more boring here. She made such nice dresses, and it was... amusing to go out and pick on drones and people with her. Is there anything of amusement going on in this town?

* Filtered to Sakutaro*
Sakutaro, where are you? Lets go out and do something.

*Filtered to Yuuka*
... You have been disappearing for hours at a time Yuuka. I do hope you aren't trying to hide anything from me.
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These phone call's are starting to get annoying. I finish with one person, but another rings in.

Ah, let's try to piss them off.
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*Suigintou is sitting on the top of the jungle gym, looking a little bored with herself. She has been scarce lately, working out some things in her head. it's not like she was trying to hide from Yuuka... really.

Now, she is looking for and passerby, and shoots a feather at them. Though if she spots someone she likes, she'll fly up to them.*
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*Everyone at 1252 Williams Road will wake up to Suigintou Screaming.*

S-Sakutrao!? What are you doing in my bed! I hope you didn't try something funny!


So, have more people died yet?
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Good morning everyone! What a wonderful and beautiful day it is today! I think I'm going to go for a walk after breakfast, so please join me out there!

*Suigintou is back, but so very droned. You might meet her eating breakfast, skipping down the road, or playing in the park*
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Well, it seems the town has finally decided to punish us for that fiasco a few weeks ago. And it seems like my dear master is dead.

For one to talk about being such a powerful witch, she sure did die easily.

I am very Surprised Yuuka is not a suspect. I would have pegged her for these things.
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*In the streets, a crying, voice can be heard. Suigintou... well, the top half her her, minus a arm and a broken wing, is hobbling back to her house.*

.... gah.... I am not junk.... If only I had my full powers... gah!!!

*She seems to be in a lot of pain. There is no blood, but it seems something is dripping from her. Tears.*

OOC: This happens after these 2
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10 years... 10 years stuck in this dump. And what have I accomplished? I regained my wings, and have been working with Eva and Sakutaro on trying to get of here, and causing trouble for some, like Yuuka. What a crazy bitch.

(Private: but hackable)

Megu... I mess you.
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*Suigintou, while not looking any younger(since she is a doll) is walking around town. She doesn't have her normal air of confidence. She is walking slowly, like she doesn't fully know how to yet. She falls down a few times. She also looks very scared*

S-shinku? Where are you? I'm scared!

*This Suigintou is way back before she became a enemy of Shinku. If anyone has watched Rozen Maiden overture, then you'll know what I'm talking about.. Also, I have no good Icons for this(maybe 3), so please don't use the icons as a reference.)
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*It is Lunch time at Mayfield School. Most kids are eating lunches or talking amongst friends, or playing. Suigintou is standing on the top of the Jungle gym, looking out at everything. Since she has joined the school, she doesn't participate in class, sitting quickly in the back, making notes in a little note book. It seems she is doing that right now in fact, taking notes on the people running around her.*

Hmph, humans. They are able to find joy in almost anything it seems.

*She gets down and starts wandering around, looking for anyone interesting to her. For one thing, she wants to find that girl that fainted before. She had some... questions for her. She also wanted to meet that vampire girl she heard about over the phone. That maid got in her way before, but this time she will talk to her. Basically, Suigintou is checking everyone one. She is also trying to plot the paths of the drones and higher ups of the town, keeping an eye on the principle and some of the teachers*
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These phone things are a pain in the ass...

Well, it seems this place is full of idiots and morons. There are some interesting people that have caught my eye however. Like that girl that fainted. She is hiding something, and I will find out what.

I still need to get my powers back before doing anything big, but I have been getting some... activities done. I also need my powers back so I can scare that Shinki human.

*During the night, Suigintou has been sneaking out and ripping up flower beds and stealing lawn gnomes. However, it seems everything goes back to normal, which has been upsetting her*

I must meet more people, and find out if any of them can assist me.

Well, getting late, so I must be... getting to bed...kukuku

*Suigintou can take phone calls, or you can do an action post, spotting her ruining your garden or something, or family members can find that her room has a bunch of garden gnomes in it.*
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Ok... someone better give a good reason why I am in a pink frilly bed. We dolls sleep in our cases! I would never sleep on such a tacky, ugly bed! And I do not know these people in these pictures. I would never hang out with these humans! The only one I would ever take my picture with is with Megu...

Though the most important question right now is: Who dared to change me into a human, and how is that even possible!? I can't become Alice OR help Megu while I am a human!

*To anyone living in that house, you would hear yelling and bashing as Suigintou is raging*


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